Editor’s Note

In this issue poet Jeffrey Schultz and I discuss whether individual autonomy is in rising jeopardy in this country. It's hard to believe it's not. Being a thoughtful person in an oftentimes frivolous society has always been difficult (and lonely), but in an age when progress has become synonymous with heightened expedience and ease, this difficulty seems more pronounced. I worry the time and space necessary for reflection and intellectual growth are being increasingly impinged upon by the sirens of inanity and hyper-stimulation, and that doing the real work of creating now requires more discipline than it ever has. Yet, those still making art know the ghosts grow stronger when ignored; that one must face up to what haunts them or be forever its captive. I'm honored to give forum to those still questioning a world that, at times, seems intent on swallowing their song. Be brave and keep making.

Enjoy this issue, it's a beauty.

Benjamin Evans,

Executive Editor, Fogged Clarity