Editor’s Note

Bejeweling blue spruces, crocheting canine sweaters, ladling egg-ish quaffs—step from the ritual of your respective winter festival, put on your headphones or reading glasses, and spend some time with the new issue of the Fogged Clarity.

This month we feature two exclusive acoustic sessions from folk musicians Jenn & Basho, and a criminally under-recognized songwriter from North Carolina named Barton Carroll. These are two of my favorite sessions we've released in a long time. The first songs of the Carroll session "Annie" and "Avery County" crawl like a sweet frost through the blood; and Jenn & Basho evoke deftly the ache of wide spaces on "We Will". Both sessions are available streaming, or as podcasts, as is an interview with the distinguished poet Michael Tyrell. In an intimate discussion Michael and I explore temporal conflation, narrative deflection, and deep fried butter, a food highlighted by the unfortunately titled cable channel "Destination America." Throughout the course of the interview Michael reads and discusses his new poems also appearing in this issue.

You will notice that we have included no fiction in our December edition. This is because we received none that warranted endorsement or exposure, and because I have been too busy knitting holiday sweaters to solicit any. Help us remedy this, send some original fiction worth displaying and, emailing out to the very 5,600 individuals receiving this message, to submissions (at) foggedclarity (dot) com. We hope you enjoy our last offering of 2013.