January 2010

New Year–a continuation of beauty and the ache that inspires it.

In his collection Breakfast with Thom Gunn, Randall Mann melds vulnerability and eloquence like few poets can. This month, in a truly poignant interview, he reads his poems and talks to me about heartache, homosexuality, drugs and death in San Francisco.

Annie Palmer is an introspective storyteller with a liquor-honey voice who was born in Chattanooga and now lives in Michigan. This month we feature her folk, and I sit down with her for an interview and some exclusive acoustic takes.

Artist Kris Lewis’ portraits are a revelation, Marcos Soriano debuts and reads two pieces of fiction, A Prayer for Becky Sims and Love, Howie Good closes a decade, Jascha Kessler reflects, Scott Hightower reviews poet Kathy Fagan and much more.

Enjoy, and thank you for an amazing first year in the fog.

Benjamin Evans
Executive Editor, Fogged Clarity

January 2010

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