July 2010

Fogged Clarity 1 - 2010


Our printed book, Fogged Clarity 1 is published and ready to ship. The collection features new stories, poems and visual art by the following creators:

Benjamin Percy
Joe Meno
Bruce Smith
Terese Svoboda
John Hemingway
Michael Tyrell
Takashi Saito
Christoper Reiger
and many more…

Please help support The Clarity and order a copy of our first collection here.

This month, in perhaps our most entertaining interview yet, I sit down with my favorite stand-up comedian, Bill Burr. We stream Anna Vogelzang’s latest album, Paper Boats and get her to play a special acoustic session, debut a new short story by best-selling author Kris Saknussemm, poems from Leonore Wilson, Terra Brigando and Linda Back McKay, photography from Mike de Lange, a heartfelt essay on marriage from Josh Mitchell, a review of Barbara Ras’ latest collection, and much more.

Benjamin Evans
Executive Editor, Fogged Clarity

July 2010

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Polemics & Nonfiction