June 2010

The culmination of almost two years of work, we are pleased to announce that our first print edition, Fogged Clarity 1 is being printed as we speak. I am immensely proud of the collection of work we assembled for our first tangible offering, and am confident that once you read it you will understand why. It features new stories from Benjamin Percy, Joe Meno, and Kennedy Weible and poetry from Bruce Smith, Michael Tyrell, and Terese Svoboda, along with much much more. Pre-order Fogged Clarity 1 now and receive free shipping.

Fogged Clarity 1 - 2010

In our June offering, I sit down with Bonnie Jo Campbell, the award winning author of American Salvage, to discuss her process and influences, we stream the Canadian quartet, The Hoof & The Heel’s first record, and the band plays an exclusive FC studio session, Lee McEwen films a Brooklyn apartment interview and three songs from musician Amir Darzi, poet William Reichard debuts five new lyric examinations, Ryan Millbern writes of a troubled mother’s homecoming, photographer Mike de Lange captures the rich beauty of Vietnam, along with other fine work by accomplished creators.

Benjamin Evans
Executive Editor, Fogged Clarity

June 2010

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