March 2010

This month I sit down with poet David Groff to discuss the achingly beautiful anthology he co-edited, Persistent Voices: Poetry by Writers Lost to AIDS. I felt strangely close to David as we talked of death, God and art in a winter-dark radio station. His candor and insight made this interview one of my favorites.

We are also proud to stream The Portland Cello Project’s album, The Thao and Justin Power Sessions. Blending the orchestral with the independent, the Cello Project’s sound is layered, rich and wholly unique. The four songs done in collaboration with songwriter Justin Power are truly special.

Authors Perle Besserman and Amanda Viviani debut new fiction, Jascha Kessler pays a video tribute to Allen Ginsberg, Diana Adams and Patty Seyburn read their poems, Anthony Kurtz captures the night, and much more.

Enjoy and thank you for reading,

Benjamin Evans
Executive Editor, Fogged Clarity

March 2010

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