November 2009

We usher in November with a new section and another collection of compelling work. John Hemingway debuts his story Me and Henry Miller, Stuart “boy genius” Bogie shares his prog-jazz gem, Fall Down Seven Times, Stand up Eight, I sit down to chat with the enigmatic Daniel Pinchbeck, C.N. Bean sets a grass fire, Françoise Nielly cuts her canvases, and many other gifted artists interpret the human condition in beautiful ways.

The clarity is pleased to announce that we will now be publishing reviews, and this month we welcome Scott Hightower as he examines the most recent collections by poets Terese Svoboda and Lee Briccetti.

Also, the first week of the month finds us embarking on a five-day tour across the Midwest with musicians who have been featured on the site. When I began the journal it was my intention to hold intimate salon-style shows in order to communicate the passion that can sometimes get lost in digital transmission. Now these shows are happening, and I could not be more pleased. If you are near, come out and breathe the fog for an evening.

Benjamin Evans
Executive Editor, Fogged Clarity

November 2009

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