“Suppose time is a circle, bending back on itself. The world repeats itself, precisely, endlessly.” ~Alan Lightman, Einstein’s Dreams

Time is complex, mysterious and convoluted. Viewing common scenes through a simple distorted frame of time causes patterns and dynamics to emerge that would otherwise go unnoticed. In Palindrome, I use time-lapse photography and digital techniques to show the dynamism of natural and human processes. The patterns that surface provoke ideas unlike those which would be conjured from static images or real-time video. Suppose these processes are circular, as the above quote suggests. Palindrome embodies this idea.

As a side note, this video is meant to be played in tandem with another video containing the same imagery, only in reverse (or ‘forward’…) So basically, both projections play the same imagery moving opposite the other, and are meant to loop perpetually on different walls in the corner of a room… Much of the effect is lost to the restrictions of this space, but this should provide a good idea of the concept. Also, I recommend listening with a decent sound system as the aural aspect of the piece is quite crucial.

Special thanks to Mr. Keith Woogerd for waking up early… hangover and all… to assist my vision.

Ryan Daly lives in Chicago, IL where he works as a motion designer and photographer.