San Pedro River Review Spring issue is almost here!

The Spring issue of the San Pedro River Review has a theme of “The City”.  This does not mean only New York and San Francisco.  The city theme explores the vivid life of bars, gleeful jazz, blues, night walks, street corners, streetwalkers, stalkers, transients, jails, 3 a.m. trains, hanger-oners, late night markets, bureaucracies and their machinations, highways into and out of them, their loathful places, their good and warm zones of mercy, mayors who curse their own cities, and at least one city where winter is a violent lover.

 With 57 contributors this is our largest issue yet. We are proud that this issue will be ready well before AWP. 

 San Pedro River Review is a semi-annual print journal of poetry and art.  Visit the website to subscribe, purchase individual copies, and to submit your own work during our open window periods.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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Tobi Cogswell is the Co-Editor and Co-Publisher of San Pedro River Review.