Sarah Walko

Sarah Walko is a creator of highly detailed creative works, all of which possess potent symbolic undertones. Using items like matchbooks, bat wings and moss, Walko’s thoughtfully composed works are not only rich in symbolism, but also quite pleasing to the eye.

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Sarah Walko on Fogged Clarity

Sarah Walko is a multimedia sculptor, installation artist and writer. She is currently the executive director of Triangle Arts Association, and works within an independent film collective that shows at International Film Festivals around the world. She is currently working on new sculpture, writing and web/film collaborations and has just completed several exhibitions in New York. Her next feature film El Cadaver Exquisito, a collaboration with Victor Ruano and Rossemberg Rivas, will be released this spring and is in festival circuits. Her fiction and non fiction essays have been published by While Whale Review Literary Journal and Hyperallergic Art Blog. Her visual artwork has been published by The Dirty Goat, Redivider, Blood Lotus, Apple Valley Review, 2 River, A Capella Zoo, Bathhouse and Host Publications. She has guest lectured at several colleges throughout the east coast, the Museum of Modern Art in El Salvador and has participated in several artists residency programs in the US. She has just completed her first novel.