Sometimes 30/30 Isn’t a No Hitter

I have one friend who kept a running tally:  good, okay, good, sucky, sucky, good…

I have one friend who is STILL writing a poem a day and posting them on Facebook.

I tried.  I only wrote 15.  But I liked them all.  So is batting .500 so bad?

The reason I’m mentioning this in July, when National Poetry Month was 3 months ago, is because one of my 15/30’s is the July 19th poem on Humber Pie.

Humber Pie is a blog run by Ashley Fisher.  Ashley also, along with Iain Walker, edits Turbulence.  Both are based in Hull in the UK.  Turbulence is a print journal.  Humber Pie is a blog.  Both are wonderful opportunities to be published in an area that is growing by leaps and bounds in the poetry community.

What I love about Humber Pie is even if you are a thousand miles away from me you can right now look it up, read my poem, read the submission guidelines and submit!  Because Ashley is posting a poem a day, I’d be surprised if you didn’t hear back from him soon. If you are accepted, he’ll tell you what DAY you’ll be posted.

What I love about Turbulence ( is I will get a copy in the mail.  I will read it cover-to-cover because the world does not revolve around me, and I will put it on my bookshelf.  In alphabetical order. 

You can right now look it up, read my poems ONLY if you order back issues, read the submission guidelines and submit as well! 

okay clearly I don’t know crap about baseball but I do know about acceptance ratios.  Humber Pie and Turbulence are two more venues you can try.  Hopefully I’ll be reading one of your poems there soon.


Tobi Cogswell is a two-time Pushcart nominee.  Her acceptance ratio is far better in the UK than it is in New York, Massachusetts, or any journal with a number in the title (except for I-70 Review, thank you very much!).  Her newest chapbook, “Lit Up” is enroute from Kindred Spirit Press and should be arriving any day.  She is the co-publisher and co-editor of San Pedro River Review (