Lou Rogai

Lewis & Clarke’s Lou Rogai sits down with Ben to explore the band’s latest record, Light Time. More


Often while riding my bike through the alleys and streets of Chicago, my mind gathers the imagery and often peeks through the windows of neighbors and strangers. I began collecting these images in drawings and later making them into relief prints, carving linoleum to create my pieces with a sharp, clean illustrative quality… More

A Self Portrait of Someone

Kimberly Ruth I am invisible atoms: One part cadmium yellow light One part cadmium red light Ten parts titanium white and a touch of cerulean blue. Kimberly Ruth is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz where she studied photography and journalism. Her work has appeared in Gloom Cupboard, Ditch Poetry, Bijou Poetry and Shoots and… More

Waiting for Rain

Barbara Barnard Queens, NY, August 2, 2002 Heat waves piggybacked through late July. August, and the indoor thermometer says ninety-two degrees. So, sweating, I go out near dusk to buy a fan at the Jackpot discount store up the block. Back on the street with Jackpot’s last fan, I see the gunmetal sky black with… More