An incredibly smooth stop motion film created by Steven Briand aka BURAYAN. When I say incredibly smooth, I mean it. It’s no easy task to produce stop motion animation with such a seamless quality. More

Big Bang Boom by BLU

An epic new stop motion animation from legendary street artist BLU. Beware, it’s a bit dizzying at times. More

Nokta .

Incredible and beautiful motion design from Turkish designer and director Onur Senturk. Nokta (Dot) is an abstract film project which is an improvisation of organic pieces while considering themes like power, chance and luck. More

A Wet Day

An animated short inspired by a performance of Bernadette Boos in 2007. Directed and animated by Michael Fragstein at Buro Achter April. More


A music video for Forget, by Vania & the Master created by Michael Fragstein and Moritz Reichartz. More