March 2012

In lieu of an interview this month, we are pleased to debut new poems and readings by four truly exceptional poets: Bruce Smith, Robert Wrigley, Adrianne Kalfopoulou, and Bruce Snider. Additionally, we feature acclaimed songwriter Adam Arcuragi’s latest album, “Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It…;” a stunning visual gallery by artist Adam Martinakis;… More

February 2012

In a fine February issue poet Andrew Hudgins joins me to discuss his process, his influences, and his approach to teaching; Grammy-winning violinist Justin Robinson and his band the Mary Annettes share an exclusive Fogged Clarity session; Jonathan Wells, Scott Hightower and Jean Kane debut new poems; and Greg Dunn paints the mind, along with… More

January 2012

We ring in the new year with our 37th issue. All of us at Fogged Clarity hope you enjoy our January edition and the coming year. Benjamin Evans Executive Editor, Fogged Clarity January 2012 Table of Contents Fiction Colin FlemingColin Fleming is a contributing writer for The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The Boston Globe and… More

April 2011

While the past month has been quite a busy one for the Clarity, I’m extremely pleased with the scope and depth of the issue we’ve put together for April. Included in our latest offering: One of Ryan’s and my most beloved television actors, John Dunsworth of Trailer Park Boys, stops by to decry (extensively) the… More

March 2011

For a long time, we have tried to find a way to maintain Fogged Clarity‘s monthly issue format while also increasing our journal’s daily content. Thus, this month, we are proud to announce the launch of our re-imagined, redesigned blog. This new blog (which I am affectionately calling “Blogged Clarity”) will be far more active… More

December 2010

Happy Holidays from Fogged Clarity. We hope you enjoy our final issue of 2010, and thank you for spending another year in the fog with us. Benjamin Evans Executive Editor, Fogged Clarity Table of Contents Fiction Theodore WheelerTheodore Wheeler is an author living in Nebraska. His fiction has been featured or is forthcoming in Best… More

November 2010

The Fogged Clarity podcast is becoming increasingly popular, and this month we are pleased to add thirteen new interviews and readings to our library, including an intimate discussion with poet Robert Wrigley, and an exclusive acoustic studio session from matt pond PA. Also in our November offering, you will find new poems by Robert Wrigley… More

October 2010

The redesigned breathes. The new site features sharper, easier to read text, a revamped audio player, a more accessible layout, and the scent of John Cheever’s favorite sweater. Arts Editor and Web Administrator Ryan Daly has delivered once again, as he continues to humble me with the skill and dedication he brings to this… More

September 2010

September, our 21st issue, features: Howie Good reading and discussing his poems A stream of Grass Widow’s dynamic new album, Past Time The startling photography of Horacio Salinas: 10 x 10 Portraits and Carnivore New poems from Scott Hightower Original fiction from Simone Martel and Michelle Bailat-Jones …and much more. Benjamin Evans Executive Editor, Fogged… More

July 2010

  Our printed book, Fogged Clarity 1 is published and ready to ship. The collection features new stories, poems and visual art by the following creators: Benjamin Percy Joe Meno Bruce Smith Terese Svoboda John Hemingway Michael Tyrell Takashi Saito Christoper Reiger and many more… Please help support The Clarity and order a copy of… More

June 2010

The culmination of almost two years of work, we are pleased to announce that our first print edition, Fogged Clarity 1 is being printed as we speak. I am immensely proud of the collection of work we assembled for our first tangible offering, and am confident that once you read it you will understand why.… More

May 2010

In our May offering, writer Tom Matlack sits down with me to discuss The Good Men Project, the ladies of Singing In The Abbey share their album Wake Up, Sardis!, famed photographer Noah Kalina displays two galleries; West (Of Here), and Internet/Sex, author Nora Bonner writes an operatic elegy, poet Kevin Simmonds composes the final… More

April 2010

April, the subtle tear of spring. These seasonal movements– scored by a languid cellist –are quaint in their sexuality. The sun asks no simple questions, and in its light I become a prospector panning damage for identity. This month T.C. Boyle sits down with me to discuss the inspiration behind Wild Child, we stream Judson… More

March 2010

This month I sit down with poet David Groff to discuss the achingly beautiful anthology he co-edited, Persistent Voices: Poetry by Writers Lost to AIDS. I felt strangely close to David as we talked of death, God and art in a winter-dark radio station. His candor and insight made this interview one of my favorites.… More

February 2010

It has been one year since the clarity went live, and I am more excited about the journal then I’ve ever been. I am proud of the catalogue of work and interviews we have assembled and am honored to be able to work with brilliant, creative people everyday. I would like to extend a special… More

December 2009

As winter settles over the lake, the clarity wishes all of our readers a merry month of festivities. Olivia Broadfield strips it down and plays Joni Mitchell’s River for Christmas and The Clarity: Three important notes: • All of our interviews and readings are now available as free PODCASTS, subscribe here or search “Fogged Clarity”… More

November 2009

We usher in November with a new section and another collection of compelling work. John Hemingway debuts his story Me and Henry Miller, Stuart “boy genius” Bogie shares his prog-jazz gem, Fall Down Seven Times, Stand up Eight, I sit down to chat with the enigmatic Daniel Pinchbeck, C.N. Bean sets a grass fire, Françoise… More

October 2009

It was a pendulum September, and for thirty days I swung between discomfort and inspiration. This time around, New York was a vat of crackling oil; its energy scalding my ambitions, then renewing my vigor. Dear October, How are you my old friend? We have only met twenty six times, but I feel like I… More

September 2009

The malaise, resist it and know that the sweet nostalgia of autumn is upon us and the fog is thickening. Ernest Hemingway’s grandson John joins me this month to discuss a very interesting childhood, and we are honored to premier the immensely gifted Samantha Farrell’s new album, Luminous, right here on The Clarity. Terese Svoboda… More

August 2009

Table of Contents Fiction Caitlin Horrocks Sissy, of Corint Dylan Brock Pop Psychology part 1 Poetry Scott Hightower Dixie Queen Of a Feather at Las Codornices Howie Good The Ethics of Ambiguity Ana Bozicevic Early Duet Amy King The Path to Ask Liberation Niels Hav Aphasia Thax Douglas Judson Claiborne Dawn Schout Pucker Visual Patrick… More