Exercises at Ten Thousand Feet

Ashok Niyogi This Himalayan spring, before the mountain goats went back over the high mountain passes, I motored up to Auli (inside the almost inaccessible Nanda Devi biosphere) in the Garhwal Himalayas bordering Nepal and overlooking the vast Indo-Gangetic plains. I have been motoring and walking in these mountains for more than five years. The… More


Ashok Niyogi kingfisher dives for fish when the tiger is coming the monkeys know from treetops oh so many greens on this ochre mountain such glorious parakeet pea-hen sit camouflaging peacock eggs jackal husband and jackal wife walk over rounded stone mellowed by river for a few moments someone weeps loudly in yellowed grassland interrupting… More

Post Office on the Ridge

Ashok Niyogi tigers saunter in for Western Union from their non-resident children oak forests have walked away and left behind a two-blade ceiling fan a hundred years ago here Corbett shot a man-eating leopard in the kitchen garden the ‘India Post’ cottage on the ridge has an artist postmaster with gerbera and carnation in his… More

Lunch on Holi

Ashok Niyogi immediately after lunch though for ten minutes depression almost drowned me facing curtained French windows my blissful gods ebbed away women’s crooked feet walked over my face into my hair I could hold my expression no more I let the anguish bend my fingertips backwards and was conscious of hunger in the leaves… More

Stopping at a Traffic Light

Ashok Niyogi that orphan child made a deal with her fairy godmother once back home after the excursion was over she would quietly lie in the darkness of an Indian noon and go to sleep with her mother such are animals riding toy trains in zoological gardens Ashok Niyogi was born in Calcutta in 1955.… More