Simon Perchik, Celestial Recess 3

Simon Perchik While the sun spreading out in the light from your shirt wrung dry, its cuffs rolled back –shores are born this way reaching around, even here its sleeves are still visible and in your eyes that first emptiness in all directions at once :light takes forever now looks for you as if it… More

Simon Perchik, Celestial Recess 2

Simon Perchik You wipe the way the moon once warmed the Earth caressed your arm with shapelessness and the fever left over from some fiery beginning half shoreline, half waves still flaring out staking their claim and memory –inside this path a brain, left behind to deal with the scent smoldering leaves give off –you… More

Simon Perchik, Celestial Recess 1

Simon Perchik Its power comes from this froth –never mind there’s no caldron to make sense, you drink listening to bubbles work a cure are healed when the fountain touches you, smelling from gauze and nursing homes –the old have no choice, they let the faucet run and for a while wait at the sink… More

Untitled Suite, 2

Simon Perchik It’s time! the ache side to side and across your forehead the wrinkles split open –the cramp comes into this world as the tightening grip that has your eyes, your cry takes you by the hand the way its shadow falls exhausted, in pain and now two mouths to feed though one is… More