An eighty-five word poem came out of these two weeks of morning scribblings on Marquette Island. The finished poem is not enclosed and differs significantly from what follows, but Ryan and I have invited hundreds of artists to join our blog to write about craft and share work so I thought I would open things up. More

Fogged Clarity 1

Order the print collection of poetry, fiction, and visual art two years in the making featuring the work of Benjamin Percy, Joe Meno, Terese Svoboda, John Hemingway, Bruce Smith and many others. “The work in Fogged Clarity doesn’t stomp its foot and shout look at me, I’m so clever and inventive and fresh, it just… More

A Review of Patti Smith’s "Just Kids"

Deeply personal and insightfully written, Patti Smith’s New York story delivers the emotional narrative that Bob Dylan’s Chronicles left readers wanting. Tracing the relationship between Smith and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, Just Kids explores the thriving artistic community of New York in the 60’s and 70’s and paints a portrait… More

New York

Benjamin Evans It is the steam of ideas, addiction, and 9 million tenant farmers confusing their nesses: Forget, Forgive Cut fingernails on microchips and monitors, battle exhaustion in a city the zeitgeist claims never sleeps. It is where the black haired, black eyed women, angular and dripping mystique, haunt the cement caves below ulcered Dominican… More


I have been in a very strange place for the past ten days. Questioning the bombardment of stimulus that was Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit and now home. A short story was born however, and it will be yet another attempt to capture the tingling nostalgic anxiety that accompanies the passing of time, people, and places.… More