Molly Sullivan

Songwriter Molly Sullivan sings haunting hallelujahs in this 3-song session filmed for Fogged Clarity in the courtyard of Birmingham’s famed Garage Cafe. More

Two Rivers

Daniel DeVaughn He built a frame of air, in air, and left behind the chimney-smoke rising to the Southern Cross, prayer-like, the tide roar breaking down-coast. The gulls’ cries faded as he sank into sleep, and in dream, another night, the Cahaba rose, banners of weed braiding round his body as he drifted over shoals… More

Ashlyn Thatcher

This Oregon-raised songwriter’s voice is creamy as Cohiba smoke and husky as a Wisconsin toddler, it furls and scripts like a gymnast’s ribbon over lustrous piano lines. Listen to her exclusive “Fogged Clarity” session here. More