Smoldering Arizona

Keith S. Wilson her wasting away like sugar-water in the smile of my arms. make-believe carillons of nectarines and pears, strike like fireflies finding mecca. i wear her like a net of fog. arizona, we are gaping through your ribcage at the stars—at our backs the crinkling giraffe of a flaming trailer—and we sigh into… More

Meditation of a Foot Soldier Nearing Medusa’s Sculpture Garden

Matthew Olzmann So these are the monuments. And these are the faces of the inevitable. And if I am made one of them, rendered motionless, made marble by the gorgon’s stare, then help me celebrate the abrupt tombstone my torso becomes. I’ve never been this far from home. I’ve never lifted my arms above my… More

Who Has Time for Stars?

Benjamin Roesch The holidays, as usual, had played her for a damn fool. Had plied her with deep fried turkey. With gravy and greens. With her daughter’s big eyes and the promise of Santa! With the temptation of Dale’s annual felt box of something shiny. With glitter shirts and midnight kisses. But now it was… More