August 2011

Amidst a spell of stifling heat along the shores of Lake Michigan, Ryan and I are pleased to swab our sweating brows and share our 31st issue with you. Our August offering features new work by Los Angeles poet Brendan Constantine, a new manifesto by Elaine Sexton, and the final installment of Alan Drew’s novella,… More

The Dark Crowd

Brendan Constantine There are people our eyes can’t ride. My grandmother had an expression for it in Greek: Our eyes fall off them. Who don’t you see? What do they make plain instead? Have you thanked them? It’s probably relative. That is, not a question of beauty or character but rather, where you’re standing &… More

The Ultra Sound

Brendan Constantine I put my hand on her stomach and feel for the baby’s head. Earthquake season. After a beat, it finds my palm, nuzzles. I sense other movements, a fumbling in the dark of this woman. The couple downstairs are blind and clumsy. Their daughter is ashamed of her sight and pretends to stumble… More

Review: Brendan Constantine’s “Letters to Guns”

Scott Hightower “Letters to Guns” Brendan Constantine Red Hen Press, 2009, 978-1-59709-138-1, $17.95 Letters to Guns is a first book. It is not uncommon for inaugural books to run high risks of ambition. But too often, those risks seem arch or manipulatively over-reaching. They are too often executed with high doses of self-indulgence; the taint… More