Dan Beachy-Quick

Dan Beachy-Quick sits down with Ben to talk about the origins (mythological and otherwise) of his dynamic new set of poems “Shields & Songs”. More

Shield & Song

Dan Beachy-Quick Shield You be awe. I’ll be knife. There’s an altar by the water. You be creature. I’ll be priest. Slack sails wait wind. Wind waits feast. Least blood most blessed. You be what I lack. Ceased asking why. Ceased open eyes. You Alter in darkness alone. My girl of gold-hair- Life. Be antlers… More

No Ode

Matthew Cooperman I. The infinite caste and the soluble membrane, the papers of a wasp. “Earth has nothing I desire besides you…” Not a hand nor a bird nor a bicycle, never the one for delay… Systole: remembering the days of his youth it was ba-boom, not happening. As in square, ba-boom, the box. Not… More

Snow Globe

Matthew Cooperman It was January 6, I was six years old, which would’ve made it the Sixties, and it was snowing. Snow filling trash cans like ashtrays. Mom and Dad distantly fighting the giant snowstorm. I jellied the donut in my fist and dragged my Cheeto fingers down the walls of the igloo. Quiet murmur… More