Stephen Massimilla -After Rimbaud A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue—vowels, One day I’ll tell your secret origins:
 A, black hairy corset of dazzling flies
 That boom around cruel stenches, Gulfs of shadow; E, candor of steams and tents,
 Proud glacier spears, white kings, shivers of Queen-Anne’s-lace;
 I, maroons, spat blood, laughter… More


Janet Chalmers Coming into his study from the bedroom suite (to adjust the thermostat) Janetwifeandmother from Connecticut (predictably) can’t make the mind-body connection, doesn’t let the funky 1940’s man’s acetate robe she bought at a Hollywood thrift shop just yesterday fall open, doesn’t flaunt (voluptuous) bosom and pubic hair like an art deco stylized Klimt… More

James Lasdun

The prolific London-born writer sits down with Ben to discuss his process, style, and latest collection, It’s Beginning To Hurt.