Has Anybody Seen My Gal?

Sutton Strother When her father died, Granny couldn’t afford a casket. She refused everyone’s money, and in the end, when she could think of nothing meaningful to do with the ashes they brought her, she poured what was left of my great-grandfather into the kitchen trashcan. “He’ll get where he’s going, anyhow,” she told us.… More

Writer’s Brock – Wet World 2

This is an account of a disastrous sailing trip Dylan James Brock took in June 2011. View Part 1 here 2 Before the captain bought the forty-one foot sailboat in May 2011, it was owned by a hoarder. Lucille crammed every corner of the boat’s two cabins with assorted trinkets that the captain had cleared… More

Girl Group

Dylan James Brock While Sarah Witherspoon was still alive she was a mockingbird with a tin ear. Her attempts to recreate beauty never did justice to what she mimicked. When not insulting her outright, people called her Spoony. She was a plain brunette with thin hair and a thick brow that kept her from being… More

Writer’s Brock – “This is far from the end.”

I could have been making this world better instead of wallowing in the bullshit that is the solipsistic rants of an upper-middle class white Anglo-Saxon protestant doctor’s son. This day I want to end my writing. I want to take every manuscript I have ever written, feed them through a shredder, get drunk, and throw… More