New Grammar

Elyse Fenton I’m just at the beginning of the bell curve when teenagers turn the staticky bullhorns of their disbelief my way. I understand they is the new he or she like I understand the comeback of the fanny pack. One part bemusement, two parts derision, three parts stubborn resistance. This morning I stood under… More

The Dinosaurs of My Youth

Elyse Fenton Keep coming back with new configurations of armor and bone, feathers for scales, car- nivorous accessories glinting a fine digital light. Already I miss the Mesozoic, the era before the meat eaters’ gamesmanship when dinosaurs were the size of chickens cowering in bull rushes and tar pits and all it took to rule… More


Elyse Fenton Let’s be a little less brave together say the zinnias to each other, heads like olive frittatas sliding unbroken across the pan. Down the block it’s chickens chickens and a ruminant wind bringing autumn back into the equation. Choose instead the tractor’s absence, bankruptcy of hives, the universe bending down to pull a… More