Don’t Move

Bruce Smith You can have a thought or avoid a thought by having a feeling when it’s dawn [human inhuman light] or a gun is drawn [here, elsewhere] and you put up your hands and get down and get small; don’t ever take one in the back. Or there’s music the birds authored, elegy and… More


Stephen Massimilla -After Rimbaud A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue—vowels, One day I’ll tell your secret origins:
 A, black hairy corset of dazzling flies
 That boom around cruel stenches, Gulfs of shadow; E, candor of steams and tents,
 Proud glacier spears, white kings, shivers of Queen-Anne’s-lace;
 I, maroons, spat blood, laughter… More

The Wisdom of the Ancients

Sebastian Agudelo What country is this? blind Oedipus stumbles at the threshold, on his way out, his last job. You feel for him even if you’re neither old nor blind, are just waking to the headlines. What country? The neo-Nazi baby showers, bbq’s with aging KKK’s, the munitions stockpiled in some California basement where, about… More

All Say

John W. Evans Every stick-figure boy stuck under pews smiles, from low angles, looking up. Kind of evil, eagerly lost or found, the struck boy slinks past the sacristy, under the glass, out of earshot of the choir. Wrapped in pale silk, shook foil flowers the cross, iridescent, lemon-oiled. The boy shrugs heaven and sky,… More