Entering the Jungle

First I’m going to pull out all my brushes, take a good look at them, and then throw them overboard.  Next I’m going to open all the lids to the paint cans, shove my hand in to get warmed up, and then I´m going to Jackson Pollock all over the place, because that was my… More

The Cuzco Stare

It’s really a stare; I guess you could call it the ´´Cuzco Stare.´´ It emanates from the eyes, dulls the cheeks and slackens the mandible. It’s a sort of glazed over look, like a donut that’s been left out too long. But it was almost everywhere in La Casa Gringa, a new age hostel that… More

A Woman Near Rio Grande

Cornelius Winston Over the past year and a half I have been taking meditation courses in the city. As a supplement to these courses I have also been studying Eastern philosophy, energy manipulation (in a positive sense), and healing. While I imagine some of you have already begun to role your eyes, as I have… More

The Mines of Potosi

Cornelius Winston I usually know exactly where to begin.  I start with an image that takes me in an unknown direction and I follow it like a compass needle until I vaguely see its shape and feel the momentum.  At that point, I know where I’m going and am able to anticipate the turns before… More