Laura Bell & Ian Ganassi

Laura Bell, a painter based in NYC, and Ian Ganassi, a poet living in New Haven, met when both were artists-in-residence at the Millay Colony for the Arts. In 2005 they entered into the collaboration that resulted in the ongoing series “The Corpses,” a group of collages that began with a half-finished poem and several hand-scrawled phrases on a piece of printer paper stained with coffee rings that Ganassi mailed to Bell… More

Darning Needles

Ian Ganassi Whichever way you turn the signs are there. “Do tell.” From whence does the change come, Accumulating like snow in a blizzard? The dragonfly knits the landscape together In the bright beams after the rain. I believe we were never better off. It’s mighty hot down here. Crazy cold. The sign over the… More

To Tell the Truth

Ian Ganassi You can only go so far on anybody’s guess. Your guess and mine are as good as it gets. The dark corners that want to take over the world Are lurking where we put them. No getting around the truth In your deck of lies. If you thought you were a fortune teller… More