Autumnal Sycamore

Kathy Fagan Spring’s go-go green’s flung over for harvest season’s 70s kitchen colors just in time. Cultivated thornless For the burbs, honey locusts heap their leaves up Like gold pieces for the common folk, a school Of minnows the cat might dream of, stretching, Flexing his paws, all Japanese maple & symmetrical Velvet. Worker worm… More

Sycamore in Jericho

Kathy Fagan Year 33 of Agnus Dei, Zac the tax man shimmies up to better see the Christ Parade: Parable Mirabilis, Parabola Miraculous. I knew the stories: the blind sighted, the dead alive, the cult of boys all soon-to-be-snoring at the soon-gored side. So I say: Little man, it is easier for a hundred needles… More