(Interlude: Essay-Story #1)

Dr Siegel says You’ve tested negative, and you imagine that the hook hidden in his mouth pierces through each word: his bottom lip sticks against his teeth on negative, as though he could hardly bear to let it go. But Dr. Siegel is like that with words. You remember–when you came before–the particular kind of… More

All the Ways to Say I Love You From A to Z

I am not good with time. Six or eight years ago I wrote this for my son on his birthday. Yes, it’s sentimental but it was actually published! As we come up on his birthday again, maybe a few things have changed a little – video games have replaced music, he sleeps VERY late on Sunday mornings and such, but this is basically as true today as it was years ago. More

Albany Journal – 7/28/12

I can claim no expertise in my realtionships with women, but what I can say is that courting a woman is much like a game of sorts.  We at least try to see who needs the other more, and while this is a very immature game to say the least, such gaming is usually commonplace… More