Haloing the Lion

Carl Phillips’ poem “Haloing the Lion” appears in the Winter 2015 edition of “Fogged Clarity”. More

Carl Phillips

One of our finest poets discusses punishment, guilt, and the daring it takes to transcend both. More


Carl Phillips All the more elegant forms of cruelty, I’m told, begin with patience. I have practiced patience. As for piety being, to superstition, as what had seemed a fortress can be to not-a-fortress-in-the-end, at all: maybe so. — Why not move like light, reflected, across the snow? Carl Phillips is the author of twelve… More

Carl Phillips

One of the most gifted and dynamic writers of our time discusses candidly life, liberty, and the pursuit of poetry. More

Andre Dubus III

The author of House of Sand and Fog and The Garden of Last Days discusses his writing, his father, and watching “Batman” with Kurt Vonnegut. More