My novel Enigmatic Pilot and the story cycle it’s part of have stirred comparisons with Pynchon, which generally pleases me. But when the book was featured in a course at Seattle University, I was asked some pointed questions by students about who I personally think my river sources are. Here’s how I answered. William Burroughs… More

Work in the Off-Season

A recent collaboration I was commissioned by Mark DeCarteret to do for his as-yet-unpublished novel, Off-Season. This extraordinary novel, set in the gaudy squalor of Seatown, can be found excerpted at Word Riot.  Where are the brave publishers out there willing to take on literature that does more than attempt a “deceptive simplicity?” More

Andre Dubus III

The author of House of Sand and Fog and The Garden of Last Days discusses his writing, his father, and watching “Batman” with Kurt Vonnegut. More

Peter Carey

Ben Evans sits down for a conversation with one of the greatest novelists of our time. More