David Bradley

David Bradley reflects on writing and the complicated politics of Western Pennsylvania in an interview conducted by Michael McDermit for Fogged Clarity’s Inauguration Issue. More

AFI Film Fest 2015

Each November in Los Angeles, the American Film Institute holds its free annual AFI Fest featuring a wide array of cinema from all over the world, with many entries having special screenings and premier galas. This year, associate editor Michael McDermit attended several choice screenings and craft talks at AFI, his reviews of these can… More

There was a drum set on the road. In pieces.

Daniel Anderson Actually, it was an interstate. A drum set? Yes, already. A drum set. And as we passed, (who was driving, anyway?) there on the shoulder of the interstate I saw the bass drum and thought, That looks like a drum to me. But we were moving too quickly to be certain. Wait. Who… More

Worrying the Bees

Jessa Heath A red welt blossoms as memory— only it’s not memory, not exactly. What I call memory is merely an image ringed with potential, unverified: a purple clover in a field of grass, bee-stung, or the possibility of pain. The mind learns to spread white lies, and tethers second-hand stories to the particulars of… More

Ashlyn Thatcher

This Oregon-raised songwriter’s voice is creamy as Cohiba smoke and husky as a Wisconsin toddler, it furls and scripts like a gymnast’s ribbon over lustrous piano lines. Listen to her exclusive “Fogged Clarity” session here. More

Michael McGriff

Poet and author Michael McGriff expounds on his obsessions and explains why more people should listen to the music of the late Jason Molina. More


Catherine Champion I wanted a window looking out over tall ryegrasses, a wind bending them toward me, but there were only more houses, more lawns littered with failing gardens and stray sprigs of anemone. He was the white violets’ insisting bloom, taking on the blush of morning in the June-swelled air of that little room,… More

Little Miracles

J.S. Simmons The ad in the back of the paper claimed she was twenty-three. As she climbed the stairs and smiled, chin lifted toward the landing, Jack saw the lines in her face, the gray strands at the crown of her head where roots showed beneath the bleach job. He tried to tell himself it… More


Carl Swart Night has carried her breath from her Like gypsy moths dancing in snow, That floated down the lattice while she dreamt Of pink-tinged canna lilies opening at sunrise, And out in the field a hollow bell rang, Its song drifting over the red wheat. By the moon’s dim lantern, her mother’s Storm-filled throat… More

Al James

Dolorean founder and frontman Al James discusses some of the themes at work in the his band’s latest album, The Unfazed. More

Another Broken Doe

Rachel Mehl A parent could tell a child she was praying, her back legs broken, facing the trees along the freeway, sitting up like a dog. I had to swerve not to hit her. I have a friend who writes of desire. Of the bodies flesh and bone. Sex without love, I’ve figured out, but… More