These recent oil paintings by German artist Aplay Efe linger in the interstices between candor and mystique. Alpay Efe is a painter living and working in Germany. Further work can be found here. More

Toward the Soul’s Abstraction

These recent portraits by Cape Town artist Ryan Hewett are intended as abstracted representations of figures who have, for better or worse, shaped the world in which we live. Ryan Hewett is an artist based in Cape Town. Further work can be found at RyanHewett.com More

Andrew Holmquist

We love large sweeping brush strokes. The paintings of Andrew Holmquist remind us why. More

Past and Future Recognition

The main themes in my work concern relationships; those between individuals and those between ourselves and nature. The isolation of the individual and the collective, universally shared human experience are central tenets in my work. In these pieces I use color, light and shadow in real and surreal ways, allowing these images to be both familiar and strange… More