The world is never done with you. Ellen McLaughlin (lyrics)/Sarah Kirkland Snider (music), Penelope (2010) If he were a sentence, he would be weighted with prepositions. They’d mark the things and people he chose, or felt compelled, to carry. With words like from, to, over, under, and across as harbingers, aimed at what happens just… More

Sebastien Feraut

Catch a glimpse inside the mind of Parisian artist Sebastien Feraut (aka Niark1) in this series of unfettered and imaginative paintings. More

Women Are Heroes

This beautifully produced video shows the process and mixed reviews of a massive temporary art project by French artist JR. The fleeting work depicted enormous images of woman from around the world displayed along the river banks and bridges in Paris. The work comes on the heals of previous installations by JR in Africa, Brazil,… More

The Expats

Angela Natividad As always, he saw her before she saw him: a wisp of a creature, sitting by a window with a hand-rolled cigarette, now mostly ash, smoldering between the fingers on her right hand. She was writing in a Moleskine with her left. He slowed his pace and fell across her like a ghost,… More