Wedding in the Hesperides

Patty Seyburn You should have known I’d return. My letters to you always embraced the left margin, the page’s West where the golden apples grew – yes, yes, those same apples Atalanta gathered up while she ran against her suitor, Hippomenes and in losing, poor virgin, lost herself to marriage. I am a better loser:… More

What Is Best

Our May Issue features two new poems by Patty Seyburn, including, “What Is Best.” More

Kmart Realism

A. Loudermilk I look at the sky and I say you can have it — Bet they don’t even bother to look down on us from their window seats: big rig jackknifed in Missouri, wife too busy to welcome me back to Kentucky, some old war by the Tennessee River. And mom-in-law disapproves. Weed may… More