Used Cars

Poet and photographer Jay Nebel captures the Portland he grew up knowing in his series, “Used Cars”. More


Jay Nebel Over blankets and sex, over money, the dog and goldfish, my wife and I are at war. We’re at war and the world’s at war, three of my neighbors angry at the local church, making signs, a high school classmate at war with the Feds, his brain a brilliant purple mass of PCP.… More

Of Portland, Powells, Oysters and Anne Lamott

We took our thirteen-year-old on a surprise trip to Portland to hear Anne Lamott read. We also wanted him to experience why, when we’ve gone to the Tin House Writer’s Workshop many times over the last ten years, we go a couple days early. This is an account of Portland from a true food-and-book lover’s eyes… More

Jeff Beam

Musician Jeff Beam records three strange and lovely acoustic tracks for this exclusive Fogged Clarity Session. More

Cider Garage

Christopher Keller The garage is full now. Glass apple trees, a great flood of fermentation and an aroma of old tools fawning over tannin. These sweets breathe through the foundation, their sugar cocooned and ready to emerge in industry, or wilderness – whatever makes the taste best. Our acidity is threefold: that of abandoned Oregon… More

Joshua Hodges

The lead singer of the Portland band Starfucker discusses mortality, music, and his most recent album, “Reptilians.” More

Al James of Dolorean

Dolorean’s Al James grabs his guitar and records a stirring acoustic session for the Clarity. More

Al James

Dolorean founder and frontman Al James discusses some of the themes at work in the his band’s latest album, The Unfazed. More

Douglas Jenkins

The musician discusses his city, The Thao and Justin Power Sessions, and the inspiration behind his Portland Cello Project. More