Richard Foerster To escape the cage locked with combinations long ago set to memory —there’s the trick. But rust can hold fast the once calculated fall of the tumblers, and the self find itself submerged in icy waters. Where then’s the oil of reason, and what contortion can dislodge a skeleton key stuck in the… More

Hotel Gabriel

Richard Foerster I woke in alien dark to a babble of plumbing through the walls and an AC’s rushed but whispered intimacies with the night. Even my own breath’s shallow ebb and flow seemed oceanic in that room circling around some invisible and shaky axis. I was lost, but through the keyhole’s tiny Moorish arch,… More

An Open Window

Richard Foerster Disbelief can sweep like surf across the sill, or what the oaks mimic: shuttled limbs, wind-woven susurrations, which the house breathes in, fabricating a dream through which lovers can raft on the ambient dark, and their minds, relenting, settle, passive yet attentive to the sensuous slosh of sea and air— that’s how our… More