“Resolution in Loving Memory of Sky and Gooseflesh” (four selections)

Having begun now to burn bright as the fires that bore it, having, As so many things, become of what it was from the first the apparent Equal, transformed only through atomization, through display, Those distinctive signatures of the miraculous and its window dressers’ Ongoing project–Design’s gentrification of a vulgar, impoverished Real–, Which, on-schedule, over-budget,… More

Matthew Nienow

In an intimate conversation the 2013 Ruth Lilly Fellow reads from, and discusses the provocations behind, his powerful manuscript of poems, “House of Water.” More

You Want Me to Say It Pretty

Matthew Nienow but under the poison I was committed to I can only remember the first five minutes were so beautiful that it seems impossible how nearly I lost my own children to the woman who was willing to leave me she couldn’t hear the song I made a music I sang to the feeling… More

[In the heart of the canyon was the cause of the canyon]

Matthew Nienow In the heart of the canyon was the cause of the canyon. In the canyon of the heart was the cause of the canyon. Water traveling a gradient, my heart traveling a gradient. That the canyon walls amplified the sound was but a fact. That the fact stilled my heart was but an… More