Chris Bathgate

A stunning, human session by an extrodinary musician shot on the dazzling shores of Lake Huron. More

Will Oldham

A conversation about God, life, and love with a beautiful human being and one of America’s finest songwriters. More

Photos – An Evening With The Clarity

Our recent event at the Howmet Playhouse was a huge success. A special thanks goes out to all of the artsits and all who attended. We truly appreciate those who support our endeavor and believe in the importance of artistic ventilation. I’m sure Ben has more to say about the event, but for the time… More

A. Manette Ansay

The author of “Vinegar Hill” and “Good Things I Wish You” sits down to discuss her life and craft. More

Chris Bathgate

Singer and songwriter Chris Bathgate revisits the “salt year” that led to the creation of his new album. More

Jose Gonzalez

Songwriter Jose Gonzalez calls in from Sweden to discuss his life and work. More

John Dunsworth, aka Officer Jim Lahey

In a classic interview too good to edit, the man who plays “Trailer Park Boys'” Officer Jim Lahey fires off (intelligently) about government-sanctioned gambling, U.S. politics, and his character’s beloved liquor. More

Fred Thomas

In a rare interview, the prolific musician sits down to discuss his time with Saturday Looks Good to Me, his creative process, and his cyclical youth. More

Robert Wrigley

In an intimate interview, the prolific American poet discusses process, politics, and his acclaimed new collection, Beautiful Country. More

Identity Redux

Scott Hightower (Paved Paradise, John Kelly, 2009) The first television program put into re-runs was “The Lone Ranger.” -a Snapple bottle top A frame. Two keyboards, a bass, a dulcimer, and five guitars set the stage for “Dagmar Onassis.” Kiss. Kiss. What? Has it been sixteen years? What does it matter that the roses upstage… More

Soft Object

Leonore Wilson That which goes into the mouth and is eaten is mortal, perishable, transformed   like knowledge, the way a subject takes within himself something important, alien, that which is hard   made soft, deliquesces, and this thing becomes him, doesn’t it, isn’t this what Dali wanted us to see,   to understand in… More

Time Darkens It

Lois Beebe Hayna He says swallows circled over them. She remembers no sound of wings. Only of water harsh with autumn. Sometimes now birds–cries shrill through dream–converse and she wakes awed by a strange sense of flight, just as he says he must have imagined the swallows. He speaks of an apple tree bee-loud with… More

In The Greater Metropolitan Area

Michelle Askin Those memories go to my brother’s eyes: kidney red from drugs. My mother rubbing them with a dishrag, praying to the saint of addiction. Then on our row house lawn he swung clubs with an Asian woman, who one midnight said, you teach me golf. My mother worried: the husband might mind. He… More

Bill Burr

Sincere. Honest. Hilarious.

Boston comedian Bill Burr sits down to discuss church, age, and Howard Cosell.


Fogged Clarity 1

Order the print collection of poetry, fiction, and visual art two years in the making featuring the work of Benjamin Percy, Joe Meno, Terese Svoboda, John Hemingway, Bruce Smith and many others. “The work in Fogged Clarity doesn’t stomp its foot and shout look at me, I’m so clever and inventive and fresh, it just… More