Molly Sullivan

Songwriter Molly Sullivan sings haunting hallelujahs in this 3-song session filmed for Fogged Clarity in the courtyard of Birmingham’s famed Garage Cafe. More

Ashlyn Thatcher

This Oregon-raised songwriter’s voice is creamy as Cohiba smoke and husky as a Wisconsin toddler, it furls and scripts like a gymnast’s ribbon over lustrous piano lines. Listen to her exclusive “Fogged Clarity” session here. More

Fred Thomas

The former frontman of Saturday Looks Good to Me records three gorgeous tracks for this special Clarity session. More

Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks

Channeling ghosts from the vastness of the west, Jenn and Basho stripped it down to record this three-song Clarity session. Earnest, with a rusted sweetness, the tracks find these musicians at their finest and most resonant.

Jeffrey Paul Lupo

“With such mayhem, lay your body down.” Jeff plays three tracks for his Fogged Clarity session. More

February 2011

One of the challenges in editing a journal as diverse as Fogged Clarity is maintaining a unified aesthetic throughout each issue. In truth, we don’t always accomplish this, and there have been cases where we’ve attempted to create cohesion between pieces where none could or should exist. Other times, however, a natural synthesis emerges almost… More

White Pines

White Pines’ frontman Joseph Scott visits our studio in Grand Haven to record four tracks from his latest album, “The Falls.” More