March 2009

Table of Contents Fiction Marcos Soriano Donald Mathison’s Heart Kristen O’Toole Half Conscious Braden Wiley Conditioning Poetry Michael Tyrell Restraining Order Barbara Barnard Waiting for Rain Larry Sawyer Rune Searching for Larger Waters Donald Illich Coroner Doors Obododimma Oha A Quixote Against the Unreal Enemy Sarah Sarai Experiential Philosophy James Sanders with Zac Denton Self-Portrait… More

February 2009

Table of Contents Fiction Dmitri Gheorgheni All Ryan McCarl Missing the Train Rays Michael Andreoni The Common Touch Poetry Bruce Smith DEVOTION: PROVIDENCE DEVOTION: DRESS Amy King I Want to Make You Safe Mary Kasimor Drowning in Mercy Chicken Little 0 By the Arrow Glaciers and Glory Niels Hav Tokyo, Encore Where Are You Supposed… More