Fogged Clarity 1

Order the print collection of poetry, fiction, and visual art two years in the making featuring the work of Benjamin Percy, Joe Meno, Terese Svoboda, John Hemingway, Bruce Smith and many others. “The work in Fogged Clarity doesn’t stomp its foot and shout look at me, I’m so clever and inventive and fresh, it just… More

Which Poem Comes Last?

Terese Svoboda The dark one with the orange pincers behind. The o-shaped, all resolution. The two-legged, the forewarned, the explicit, the red-by-accident. Always a line short. ABABA. Always failing the sunset in compelling insouciance. What must finally be said? Ah, beauty–or, I get it? A catastrophe of silence is what a bird fills. Inured, casual… More

The Tree, Shaken

Terese Svoboda Each dream bears a nut these days: She is cruel. Was she always? The nut opens: Inside is the suicide who walks herself to death, and a friend, drinking in the living room. Or is she the mother? It’s time to forgive her her hemlock, its sloppiness, its anger. She’s happy. I wait… More