Inaugural Resolution 2017

I will take joy from wherever it comes. I will wring it out of my grief. I will seize it from my enemies. Joy has no identity, no politics, no beliefs. It is not deterred by my righteous indignation. I will find hope is in its presence, not some bird in my future. God gives… More

My Lot

Across the street most mornings the field’s far patch looks shorn The light has a brilliant edge that evens across the grass But it’s not cut, really This morning though the whole of it is brown with billets and I remember I lost you I took the blade of my crazy and cut us down… More

On the Green Banana Leaf

I think, in the end, we must just fall under the weight of all our undigested measures The brown anole on the green banana leaf tugging at its sleeve drawing the skin into its boat-shaped mouth sipping it really like hot coffee and then gulping a second raft of scales I’ve seen its yellow diamonds… More

Martha Serpas’ “The Diener”

The Diener, Martha Serpas LSU Press, 2015, 978-0-0871-5922-4, $17.95 I was camping at Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas when I read Martha Serpas’ new collection, The Diener. One day, while hiking beneath the sandstone walls at Willow Springs, I noticed through a thicket of desert willow and rabbitbrush a petroglyph staring back from… More

Martha Serpas

In this intimate “Fogged Clarity” interview poet Martha Serpas discusses impermanence, poetic process, and her new collection, “The Diener.” More