All the Ways to Say I Love You From A to Z

I am not good with time. Six or eight years ago I wrote this for my son on his birthday. Yes, it’s sentimental but it was actually published! As we come up on his birthday again, maybe a few things have changed a little – video games have replaced music, he sleeps VERY late on Sunday mornings and such, but this is basically as true today as it was years ago. More

Carpeting the Stones

Tobi Cogswell Our apologies linger unspoken and large, I no longer remember the origin of hurt. Please tell me which is the way to forgiveness? I look out the window, I say “Tree, tell me a secret”. I am half-poised on the brink of treasure and don’t know which way to turn. Water rushes across… More

Damage Done

Tobi Cogswell She dreams name tags. White tights, and blue harlequin glasses like the bridge ladies, but she’s your daughter. She turns sideways, disappears in department store windows. She can’t even say her name. Her stories become your stories, you cut yourself, she bleeds. 27 cents you won on Tuesday up the ante, copper to… More

Getting Off the Bus

Tobi Cogswell Pomegranate and pale green leaves shimmer their bean shapes on the brick wall, anchored by ancient stems twisted like rage. They beat out an endless message of “look at me” and true, it is impossible to look away. Other leaves broad, webbed, open palms in mid-slap shiver on each side of the road.… More