I Didn’t Disappear

after Jim Harrison There is a god of small thunder in my chest, pounding commandments: whiskey, birds, women, feed the strays. His appetite grows as I watch Manitou twins or breakers in Grand Traverse. He reminds me blood is still red without air and Escanaba is a decent drive if you’ve been drinking. I listen… More

The Language of a Marriage

Laura Powers In my lap, The Awakening rests like a pretension. Lately, I’ve found myself going in envy of fiction—not as a poet, but as a woman living a linear life, as she must with no parrot screaming foreshadow in its raucous patois: Allez vous-en! Get Out! Sapristi! Goddamn it! No one is in danger… More

Robert Wrigley

In an intimate interview, the prolific American poet discusses process, politics, and his acclaimed new collection, Beautiful Country. More