Untitled Suite, 3

Simon Perchik Again this shrub each Spring stirred by the same passion its leaves never forgot –one heart safely dead center the other rash brushes against your shoulder and goes one from there –they sense this bush is pregnant, feed it blooms and the root floats up so the child inside is born in the… More

Untitled Suite, 4

Simon Perchik Water doesn’t help, to bathe you leave the door open unclog the room, let its breeze drain and between the riverbanks a sky no star can climb without falling off in pieces broken apart from emptiness and the endless plunge back into a sea half shadow half some overgrown field that reappears in… More

Untitled Suite, 5

Simon Perchik They have no second thoughts and still your footprints inch by inch, gradually made whole the way this shovel lost its taste for dirt carries in only snowfall leaves its own reason at home for a room that stays close by, becomes those skies one by one, done for, dives on every path… More