Approaching 50

Vievee Francis for J With our down-turned mouths, and trenches forming on each side, evidence of our disappointments. Look at the nests by the eyes, we were so easily amused, (what else was there to be), and nurtured (if reluctantly) those who insisted upon our goodness. Ah, morality. Did you buy it? I didn’t. Ethics,… More

Anti-Pastoral #4

Vievee Francis I want to put down what the mountain has awakened. My mouthful of straw. I want to stand still but find myself moving from patch to patch. There’s a low In my throat. I sink to my knees tired or not. My hair a charcoal fire. What Man could live with this? When… More

Finding the Baby

Three new poems by Cave Canem Poetry Prize-winner Vievee Francis: “Finding the Baby”; “Approaching 50” and “Anti-Pastoral #4”. More