Ultraviolet Reverie

ARTIST STATEMENT I spent the better part of my shooting time in the Fall of 2017 with a florescent light filter on my Minolta 70-210mm f/4 lens. I used a digital camera and an adapter to connect to the old lens. I shot with this set up almost exclusively for three months unless I was… More


ARTIST STATEMENT Just under a year ago, coinciding with inner upheaval, I began creating very simple, minimalist “memes” to convey a sense of isolation, alienation and dissonance. Progressing intuitively over several months, the images encompassed the personal (always with a lateral, cross-sectioned sensibility), politics, consumer culture, pseudo-spirituality, and much else. Ultimately these images have become… More


ARTIST STATEMENT Photographs taken at night present the viewer with altered settings. The contrast between the cool blues of the naturally darkened landscape punctuated by the varied colours of artificial lighting accentuates the space these places occupy. Industrial sites take on an otherworldly quality, and common places (otherwise overlooked through familiarity) stand out against the… More

Invisible Borders

Norwegian photographer Maren Klemp investigates the realm of mental illness in a series of haunting portraits featured in the Spring 2016 edition of Fogged Clarity. More

Used Cars

Poet and photographer Jay Nebel captures the Portland he grew up knowing in his series, “Used Cars”. More

The Soul of Aleppo

In the wake of an atrocity, we revisit Michiel de Lange’s portraits of Aleppo, taken in a time of peace. More