Writer’s Brock – Wet World 1

I have often found myself wishing my life were dramatic enough to make a great narrative. Moments in it were that way, but only to the extent that they offered material for a self-indulgent, episodic piece or two. Until recently, there had been no great adventure to my tale that could hold the threads together long… More

Writer’s Brock – “Colson!”

For a semester I took a class from a man who seemed to dislike me on sight, the writer Colson Whitehead. I was told he had  MacArthur genius grant and so I had high expectations going in.  Such status is almost on the level of Nobel prize and I came in thinking highly of man knowing… More

Writer’s Brock – “…the George Costanza method”

When depressed, and I mean clinically depressed, which means melancholy for no reason, numbness that few know, I get my best thinking done about creativity and nothing else. Judgment otherwise impaired allows me to see the darkness of what needs to fade away. In this sense a sort of insanity does provide a certain advantage, in that… More

Writer’s Brock – “One must be made a fool to learn.”

Writing school means writing workshops. This involves giving a story to everyone in a class full of writing students, as well as the instructor, and asking for their feedback. When I was first writing, I was against the fundamental philosophy underlying such coursework. I believed that writers should be despots, utterly free of criticism and… More

Writer’s Brock – “This is far from the end.”

I could have been making this world better instead of wallowing in the bullshit that is the solipsistic rants of an upper-middle class white Anglo-Saxon protestant doctor’s son. This day I want to end my writing. I want to take every manuscript I have ever written, feed them through a shredder, get drunk, and throw… More