The 3rd of July 09

Martin Sexton is jamming out across the couch from me right now recording a cut for a radio interview. He’s good and his voice undulates like a stone in a pond, a big stone. But it seems so sterile, so sterile in a media tent. There is nothing intimate here. And then I reach out and get to tap in.

Got him, Sexton interview recorded. It is not as good as the Ralston Bowles one though, which you will hear (He was diagnosed with cancer five weeks ago, but is still feeling and living beautiful). He walks with a little wobble that lends decorum and presence. Toubab Krewe coming up soon, interview in 10 minutes. Their drummer and founder is amazing, they put on a great show yesterday.
Ryan says interviews and photos need to be refined before we post. But I am feeling happy.

Love, Ben